Measure H/Community Enhancement Fund Citizen Oversight Board

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Measure H/Community Enhancement Fund Citizen Oversight Board

In November 2014, Rancho Cordova voters approved Measure H, a 1/2–cent sales tax measure, which generates approximately $7-$8 million of annual revenue for the City general fund.  The ballot measure approved by the voters allows for, but does not require, a citizen oversight board for Measure H revenues.  The City Council desired that a Community Enhancement Fund Citizen Oversight Board be established to provide a review and audit of how tax revenues from Measure H are spent by the City and provide feedback.  On May 14, 2018, the members of the Measure H/Community Enhancement Fund Citizen Oversight Board took their oath of office. 

Oversight Board Members

The oversight board is comprised of residents of Rancho Cordova to include a youth representative.  The oversight board is made up of the following members:

  1. Nica Gauff- Chair
  2. Lee Frechette - Vice Chair
  3. Andrew Carhart
  4. Eunie Linden
  5. Trish Medina
  6. Mason Trujillo (youth representative)


  • Review the accomplishments achieved with Community Enhancement Fund dollars for each fiscal year to be highlighted in the annual Community Enhancement Fund Citizen Report and provide feedback to staff.
  • Confirm the amount of revenues received in the prior fiscal year in comparison to the budget.
  • Review actual expenditures to ensure that they were in alignment with the Community Enhancement Fund grant awards and budget allocation approved by the City Council.  
  • Review each Community Enhancement Fund grantee’s compliance with the City’s reporting requirements and make recommendations to exclude noncomplying organizations from future award cycles to the City Council for consideration.
  • Any amended or additional responsibilities as determined by a majority vote of the full City Council.  

Agenda Packet for the May 14, 2018 Meeting

Adopted Meeting Minutes for the May 14, 2018 Meeting

Agenda Packet for the September 10, 2018 Meeting