How to Purchase Graves

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Flowers are placed next to the niche wall to honor those who are buried there. 

Currently, the City is selling only niche wall graves. More information regarding in-ground grave purchases will follow in the coming months. Please contact the Public Works Department at (916) 851-8710 for more information.


Customer Fee Schedule

Type Resident* Eligible Non-Resident
Niche Endowment $500 $625
Niche Purchase Row A $1,900 $2,375
Niche Purchase Row B $2,100 $2,625
Niche Purchase Row C $2,650 $3,313
Niche Purchase Row D $2,100 $2,625
Niche Purchase Row E $1,900 $2,375
Niche Purchase Niche Face Engraving Paid directly by customer to engraver Paid directly by customer to engraver
Niche Purchase Urn Included in niche purchase Included in niche purchase
Niche Inurnment (Monday-Friday) $300 $375
Niche Inurnment (Saturday) $900 $1,125
Hourly Late Fee $200 $250
Transfer Fee $200 $250
Historic Plot Inurnment (Monday-Friday)** $600 $750
Historic Plot Inurnment (Saturday)** $1,800 $2,250
Historic Plot Interment (Monday-Friday)** $800 $1,000
Historic Plot Interment (Saturday)** $2,400 $3,000
Historic Plot Hourly Late Fee $200 $250

*Resident means any resident or property taxpayer of the City of Rancho Cordova

**Fee schedule for plots pertains only to the historic area in which plots are already owned. No additional plots are available for purchase at this time.



1. To put into an urn, esp. ashes after cremation; 2. To bury; inter.


1. The act or ceremony of interring; burial.


Benches are placed throughout Kilgore Cemetery to provide seating areas for visitors.

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