Neighborhood Engagement Program

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Neighborhood Engagement

The City helps to organize and support community projects with resident leadership, which increase and strengthen relationships between residents and with the City. Residents learn to know their neighbors, identify their hopes and dreams for their neighborhood, and create a more inviting community to live in. Participating neighborhoods are Cordova Meadows, Kavala Ranch, Lincoln Village, and Cordova Meadows and West La Loma apartments. Is your neighborhood interested?

Opportunity to:

  1. Identify several strong leaders within a neighborhood.
  2. Develop engagement strategies for those individuals to come together.
  3. Identify strengths and skills within those individuals.
  4. Build relationships – residents know and trust each other.
  5. Assist facilitating to identify hopes and dreams for a better neighborhood.
  6. Identify projects to achieve hopes and dreams.

Active Neighborhood Groups:


Below are some of the accomplishments from participating neighborhoods:

  • Block party for over 200 neighbors
  • Community clean-up in partnership with a local elementary school
  • CPR Classes
  • Community Garden
  • Trunk or Treat Movie Night event for over 400 neighbors
  • Mini Neighborhood Christmas Parade
  • Neighbors getting to know their neighbors!
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Mayor's Walks

Mayor's Walks promote healthy lifestyles and community engagement with council members, mayors,  and the larger Rancho Cordova community.

View photos and find more information on the Community Engagement Story Map.