Rancho Cordova Community Grants Program

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Have a great idea for your community?  Rancho Cordova thrives on good ideas and creative and engaged citizens. We want you to unleash your ideas – and we will help with our new Community Grants Program! You dream up the project, and the City will pitch in up to $5,000 to make it a reality (limited to a maximum amount of $10,000 per year per organization).

It’s time to put on your creative thinking caps! Is your community missing something? How can residents be involved? Can you put the fun in a functional project? We want to hear your fresh ideas starting now.

What are Community Grants?

Community grants are a growing trend in many cities as a tool to inspire community involvement and leverage City resources. Community grants have incredible potential to catalyze powerful community projects in a cost-effective way. Rancho Cordova’s Community Grants program is intended to engage citizens in creative efforts to improve the community, and generate accomplishments citizens can take pride in.

The City of Rancho Cordova will provide up to $5,000 cash awards to community groups for special projects in our community. Community groups are responsible for proposing, designing, and implementing the project. Grants will be awarded on a first come, first served basis following review by the City. Up to two application(s) per organization per calendar year will be considered.

Why is the City starting this Community Grants Program?

The City sees potential in providing small amounts of money to community groups that are interested in improving their community. We expect the program to:

  • Inspire creative and innovative thinking
  • Connect with more citizens
  • Reach local grassroots groups looking to do something positive in their community
  • Strengthen existing and create new partnerships to improve Rancho Cordova’s quality of life

Community Grants Program Guidelines

Eligible Organizations

Any 501c3, community group, or organization that is seeking funding to complete an activity or project that improves the quality of life in Rancho Cordova. All projects must take place within the City limits of Rancho Cordova.  It is preferred that they take place in a public space such as a park, public school site, City Hall, or similar location.  All activities/projects must be free to participants and open to the public. 

Eligible Projects

The Community Grants program is intended to spark the innovative, positive ideas that exist in Rancho Cordova.  For this reason, we think it is easier to explain what is not eligible so that we do not limit ideas.  The program will not consider grant proposals for:

  • Retroactive funding for projects already completed;
  • Salaries for permanent or temporary employees (a person employed for wages or salary);
  • Replacement of funding for preexisting community projects or programs;
  • One-time, individual benefit activities (not intended for study trips, memberships, fundraisers, uniforms, etc.);
  • Projects or activities that aid or promote political candidates, parties, ideologies or campaigns;
  • Activities that directly fund any private, sectarian school;
  • Organizations or activities that discriminate on the basis of race, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age or disability;
  • General contributions to larger capital projects; and
  • Activities that advocate or promote a specific religion.

Application Procedure

Applicants may apply for a Rancho Cordova Community Service Grant by submitting a completed application form and three letters of support from community members who will be a part of the project in Rancho Cordova. Up to two applications per organization per calendar year will be considered. If your proposal is approved, a letter of confirmation will be executed with the City.

Application Review Process

Submissions will be reviewed by designated City employees in a 30 day period. The following criteria will be used:

  1. Are City funds currently available?
  2. Can the proposed project be completed with local group contributions and up to a $5,000 Rancho Cordova Small Community Grant?
  3. Does the proposed use of the funds have a reasonable likelihood that it will benefit the Rancho Cordova community?
  4. Does the project serve a public purpose? 
  5. Can the project be completed in the calendar year?

Other Important Information

The nature of the project may require that the organization submit insurance to the City and/or have participants sign a waiver of release.  A determination will be made during the application review process and listed in the letter of confirmation if the project proposal is approved. A completed W-9 is also required before paying an organization. 

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If you have any questions, please contact Lorianne Ulm at lulm@cityofranchocordova.org or call her at (916) 851-8755.