Volunteers in Neighborhood Services/VINS

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The purpose of Volunteers in Neighborhood Services (VINS) is to promote and improve the health, safety, and welfare of the residents of Rancho Cordova. To instill community pride through a series of volunteer activities in partnership with the City of Rancho Cordova’s Growing Strong Neighborhoods Initiative.


As Rancho Cordova launched the Strong Neighborhoods Initiative, its mission was to foster City pride, increase property values, and encourage residents to enhance their homes, streets, and community.

The Rancho Cordova Volunteers in Neighborhood Services (VINS), working in partnership with City Staff and the community are committed to enhancing Rancho Cordova’s quality of life by:

  • Providing our voices as ambassadors/liaisons to the City in our combined efforts to improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods
  • Educating our neighbors about community resources
  • Being a community leader by setting an example
  • Participating in community events
  • Empowering neighborhoods by being involved
  • Celebrating our successes
  • Suggest to City Staff, changes and ways to strengthen codes
  • And, accepting of all members of the community that want to be involved


The goal of “Cordova Pride” is to improve our community one home at a time, and build stronger communities by helping a homeowner in need.

The Volunteer in Neighborhood Services (VINS), in collaboration with the City’s staff, developed a program called Cordova Pride. This program provides assistance to residents who may have illness, disabilities, hardships, or other ailments by helping them with projects. Each project may include one-time home beautification such as: front yard improvements, fence repair, and removal of over grown landscape, garbage cleanup, and general beautification.

Projects will be selected by the VINS through an application process. Applications may be submitted on behalf of homeowners themselves or on behalf of someone else in the community. VINS will provide tools and supplies for each project, along with volunteers to accomplish the project. Donations of money, tools, and supplies are always appreciated and critical to the success of this worthwhile program. If you would like to see the brochure that describes the program in more detail or an application for the program please click on the links below.

This program will not only help make a difference for individual homeowners who need a helping hand, but it will also help make our wonderful city and even better place to live.

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