Why am I a VINS

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Why are you a VINS member?

Marilynn Hamm
"Belonging to VINS is my way to be able to make a difference in my community. I have the opportunity to do volunteer work that I choose and from this learn a great deal of the operations of our new city. I have made many new friends and have enjoyed the functions of the celebration of the City's 5th anniversary, Blight Busters as well as serving "hot dogs" at the 5 in the park evenings prior to our 5th anniversary celebration. VINS are the eyes and ears for the City by bringing issues to their attention that they may not notice in their regular day at City Hall. VINS and citizens of Rancho Cordova play a key part in the direction our City develops. I encourage anyone that can give 1 afternoon every 5 weeks to a meeting to give us a visit."

Jeanette Galloway
"My reasons for being a V I N --Rancho Cordova is my home / I care / keep informed /meet new people /gives me a voice/ as a group can get things done .We help in a small way by being eyes and ears for both good and not so good things in our community especially now during these hard economic times."

"Would like to recruit new members as it is always good to have fresh ideas to keep our city growing strong."

Jody Harris
"I became a VINS member to be more involved in the forward movement of the City of Rancho Cordova. All cities go through growing and economical pains. The way I look at it is if each city resident contributes just a little of their time and effort for the good of the city ,no one person will have to do it all."

Maureen Nelson

"I care passionately about how our city looks aesthetically. Trash piles and mattresses in front of houses give the wrong appearance of Rancho Cordova. After complaining frequently to the City Council Members, I was invited to be on the VINS committee."

"Not only have we helped with “Blight Busters,” but we also assist City Hall staff whenever needed. We’ve painted over graffiti, rolled hotdogs and stamped envelopes."

"I want to encourage people to take pride in their neighborhoods. Join our group. If YOU see a problem, do something about it. We need to fight for our neighborhoods."