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Help our Vision become a reality.

The Mills Station District is envisioned to be a flexible gathering place to discover, relax and connect. A place where businesses, residents and visitors can be inspired by local cuisine and art, enjoy recreational facilities, and host meetings, events and celebrations. 

Catalyst for Local Business

A place to connect and linger, pedestrian-scaled, walkable streets, smaller retail storefronts to encourage local business, dynamic public space.

Support Community Health, Wellness and Fun

Go-to spot for a picnic or after school hangout, connects to nature and highlights Rancho Cordova natural resources, connects to community partners, urban farming and recreation, potential anchors like natural science museum/library.

Destination for Arts and Culture

Cultural gathering place, backdrop to a public square, exhibition/creation/education, dense/diverse context, museums or performing arts theatre alongside a facility for local artists.

Citizen Focused

Community hub, inclusive for all ages, potential anchors like convention/community center, veterans center, or youth center.

Priority Programs

Through three visioning sessions, the City Council identified the following priority elements for the site.  Developers are encouraged to pursue a combination of these elements (not all have to be included).

Cultural – Performing Arts, Art Exhibition Space, Museums, Nature Center, Library

Recreational – Basketball Courts, Playground, Flexible Meeting Space, Craft/Maker Space, Classroom Kitchen

Commercial and Residential – Café, Restaurants, Local Vendor Market, Food-Truck Lot, Conference Center, Mixed-Income Multifamily Residential

Community Serving –Teen Activity Center, Counseling/Mental Health Services, Classroom/Study Rooms, Pre-School/Day care

More detailed background information is available here.

Project Inspiration

Projects that contain components of the City’s vision include: