Rancho Cordova Whisker Warriors

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Do you need help in one of the following areas?

  • Trapping, spay/neuter and returning homeless or stray cats in your neighborhood
  • No cost vouchers for spay/neuter for your dogs and cats (income-based)
  • Transportation to the Sacramento SPCA for spay/neuter (stray or homeless only)
  • Dog food for seniors and homeless vets (based on donation availability)
  • Education on the importance of spay/neuter in your neighborhood or apartment complex

The Rancho Cordova Whisker Warriors can help!

Rancho Cordova Whisker Warriors: Defending those who can't speak for themselves.

Mission: Dedicated to reducing animal overpopulation, specifically through spay/neuter, and to ensure the care and well-being of felines and canines in our community.

Contact us!

Call Tera at (916) 747-7534 for more information.
Rancho Cordova Animal Services can also provide no cost vouchers for spay/neuter at 2880 Gold Tailings Ct. or call (916) 851-8770.

We need volunteers too!
If you are interested in helping animals, we welcome you! We will train you. Earn whiskers to get t-shirts, hats and a party! If anyone is interested in learning to do any of the following, contact the Warriors at rcwhiskerwarriors@gmail.com, call us, or visit Rancho Cordova Whisker Warriors on Facebook.

  • Transporting animals to spay/neuter clinics
  • Assisting in feeding Homeless Cats
  • Learning trapping techniques for Homeless Cats to help keep populations in check
  • Trainings in RC schools to teach proper animal care and the importance of spay/neuter
  • Outreach to other community groups to promote spay/neuter

Please like us on Facebook to keep tabs on the services we offer. Go Fund Me link available on the site to aid us in our work for animals.

Thank you for helping us help the animals of Rancho Cordova!

Supported in part by the Measure H Community Enhancement Fund from the City of Rancho Cordova

Non-profit organization, 501c3 status through the Cordova Community Council Foundation
No goods or services provided in exchange for contributions

P.O. Box 1415
Rancho Cordova, Ca 95741