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How does food scrap composting work?

Instead of tossing your organics in the garbage and having it go to landfill where it decomposes and releases methane (one of the most potent greenhouse gasses and causes of climate change), it can be composted or otherwise diverted. 

Food Scrap Composting

Become a food donor

Donating leftover, unexpired and/or unsold food helps feed hungry people and helps save food from unnecessarily being dumped in a landfill. Business food donations are protected by State law. To set up a one-time or repeating food collection schedule, please call or email one of the following food donation programs. Thank you for giving back to the community.

Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services
Phone: (916) 456-1980

River City Food Bank 
Phone: (916) 446-2627

Resources to help you, your staff and your customers recycle:

  • Do you know what to do with your food scraps? Find out how we can save our landfills and turn our food waste into a resource by reading this handy guide.
  • Print and display your garbage, recycle and organics signs or create your own using this online tool.
  • Consider requiring your employees to take this quick and fun waste sorting game.  
  • Where to buy indoor bins: Box stores have a large variety of containers to meet your needs. They can also be ordered online. Ideally, your indoor bins will be the same color as your outdoor bins so that whoever is taking out the trash doesn’t get confused about where it goes. 
  • How to Have an Effective Business Recycling Program – Click here to download Sacramento County’s 15-page manual. 
  • Green Business Certification:
    • Business Environmental Resource Center (BERC) – BERC has a Sustainable Business program, which certifies and promotes businesses that participate in sustainable business practices. Contact BERC for help getting started at (916) 874-2100. 
    • California Green Business Program – Businesses may be eligible to apply for the California Green Business Program, which is a statewide program that recognizes businesses that go above and beyond to implement sustainable work practices. Businesses can focus on energy reduction, waste reduction, water conservation and more. The program even provides marketing materials to demonstrate to your customers and staff that you are a “green” business.

Does it matter if you throw something in the wrong bin? 

YES!  If you throw recyclables or organics in the garbage, it will never be seen again. Everything that gets thrown in the garbage bin will end up in a landfill. Don’t throw recyclables or organics in the garbage, and don’t throw garbage in the recycle or organics bin. If you throw things in the wrong bin, you risk the entire truckload not being able to be recycled and material could be ruined by ending up in the landfill.

Learn to correctly sort your waste by thinking about what happens to it once it’s thrown “away” by clicking here.

The City of Rancho Cordova cares about the health of our planet and people and is dedicated to reducing garbage sent to landfill. As a member of the Rancho Cordova community, we need your help keeping resources out of the landfill.

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