Successor Agency Oversight Board

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Oversight Board
The oversight board is comprised of representatives of the local agencies that serve the former City of Rancho Cordova Redevelopment Agency (RDA) project area: the city, county, special districts, and K-14 educational agencies. Oversight board members have a fiduciary responsibility to holders of enforceable obligations, as well as to the local agencies that would benefit from property tax distributions from the former redevelopment project area. 

Oversight Board Members
The Oversight Board is made up of the following seven members:

  1. David Sander - Chair
    City of Rancho Cordova Mayor's Appointee
  2. Cyrus Abhar - Vice Chair
    Mayor's Appointee (representing former RDA employees)
  3. Amanda Thomas
    Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District (largest special district)
  4. Troy Givans
    Sacramento County Board of Supervisors Appointee
  5. Sarah Koligian
    Sacramento County Superintendent of Education Appointee
  6. Kathleen Kirklin
    Los Rios Community College Appointee
  7. Ross Johnson
    Sacramento County Board of Supervisors Appointee Member of the Public


Assembly Bill X1 26 (ABX1 26) gives the oversight board authority over the former RDA’s financial affairs. In addition to approving the successor agency’s administrative budget, the oversight board adopts the Recognized Obligation Payment Schedule (ROPS) — the central document that identifies the financial obligations of the former RDA that the successor agency may pay over the next six months and subsequent six-month periods. Actions of an oversight board do not go into effect for three business days. During this time, the Department of Finance (DOF) may request a review of the oversight board’s action. The DOF, in turn, has ten days to approve the oversight board’s action or return it to the oversight board for reconsideration.

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