Community Development

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The Community Development Department includes the divisions of Building & Safety, Neighborhood Planning & Projects, and Planning. The department is responsible for planning and implementing the growth and physical development of the City in an efficient and comprehensive manner to ensure the successful enhancement of the community with safe and high quality development projects. Our goal is to streamline the development approval and permitting processes through an objective, consistent, and reliable system so that your project is successful and contributes to the overall quality of the community. Additionally, the department is responsible for providing community oriented programs and services that are aimed at: strengthening and revitalizing neighborhoods, providing affordable and safe housing opportunities, and forming partnerships that maximize social and economic opportunities within the community.

The services provided by each division are further identified below:

Building & Safety: This division is responsible for reviewing construction plans, issuing building permits, and performing field inspections to ensure that all development projects meet all applicable State and local building codes and safety standards. This includes all new construction projects as well as maintenance and repair projects or rehabilitation projects.

Housing: This division is responsible for administering community oriented programs and projects that are aimed at providing safe and decent housing while striving to maintain Rancho Cordova as a desirable community in which to live and work. This division is also responsible for oversight of the City’s Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program, which is used to fund a variety of programs and services that improve the appearance and quality of the community.

Planning: This division is responsible for preparing and implementing a comprehensive set of policies and development plans to ensure that future growth is well planned, attractive, sustainable, and responds to the needs of the community. To accomplish these tasks, the division implements the goals, policies, and objectives of the City’s General Plan, which is the 20-30 year vision for the build-out of the community. Additionally, the division relies on the development and design standards of the City’s Zoning Code, which defines allowable uses and specific details for the multiple types of land uses within the City that all new development and remodel projects must comply with.