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The All-America City of Rancho Cordova is committed to sustainability and strives to be a leader for the community.  The City proactively utilizes technology to reduce our impact on the environment while balancing our budget.  

Being a leader, the City has received LEED Certification for City Hall and the newly renovated Police Facility which was just awarded LEED Gold CI in January 2013.  We obtained the Energy Star Award in 2010 for excellence in energy efficiency and earned the Sacramento Sustainable Business Award the same year. 

The City utilizes the technology tool ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager. Through this online tool the City can measure and track energy and water consumption, as well as greenhouse gas emissions. We also use it to benchmark the performance of our buildings, all in a secure online environment.

Screenshot of the Portfolio Mangaer User Interface

Another great technology tool that the City uses is Building Automation Software.  This tool allows us to program and monitor lighting and HVAC systems through a single integrated online interface.  This has been a great technology benefit to the City to reduce energy consumption.  Through this software we can moderate which light go on and when.  This is advantageous because we have a variety of staff that work varied schedules.  This system makes it so that we can light the parts of the building only being used by each department as well as the individual user who might be working late that night.  This not only saves energy but adds the comfort of our employees.

We can also regulate which HVAC systems are running by turning on or off zones or parts of the building that are not occupied to conserve energy.  This is vital to saving energy as we rent many of our large conference and meeting rooms to the public throughout the day and on weekends.  The schedule for these rooms in changing on a daily basis.  So having a convenient efficient way of supplying HVAC services to these parts of the building greatly improves our efficiency. 

Screenshot of the HVAC User Interface

 This fiscal year we have completed the following eco-friendly building improvements:

  • Replaced all parking lot lighting with Induction bulbs- The ROI was a little over 5 years, but we estimate a 60% annual KWH savings for the parking lot lights
  • Installed Smart Clocks on Sprinklers that adjust run times based on current and future weather conditions to reduce water consumption.  We estimated a ROI of 4 years and 25% annual savings.
Screenshot of the Water Manager user interface

Rancho Cordova also offers reduced permit fees encouraging solar projects, uses LED and solar technology on street lights, and SMUD has partnered with the City to install electric vehicle charging stations at City Hall and the Rancho Cordova Library.