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The City of Rancho Cordova as an organization needed a central place to drive information dissemination to our employees. As such the City of Rancho Cordova has been actively engaged in creating an appealing and accessible Intranet that makes it easy for employees to find valuable data, socialize and gain information as well as alleviate demand for this data on our servers.

In order for an intranet to be of value it must be appealing to the users. Otherwise it is ignored and does not serve a purpose. That is why the City of Rancho Cordova, through a task team, has ensured that there is content on the intranet that is both useful and interesting to users.

The intranet is now the central repository for citywide communications, important document storage, links to necessary software programs (timecards, successfactors, etc.), and even acts as an internal staff social network.

The Home Page was crafted to engage the user offering a single location for access to the weather, City news, blogs, Google search, important documents and much much more. A unique feature is that by designating a keyword for a document it will appear in the announcements or other sections. Also, it is possible to designate a document as a mandatory read. This function makes it so that the users need to designate that they have read the document or not. This is particularly useful so that if the Human Resources Department wishes to publish a new policy then it brings attention to the document and Human Resources can find out who has read the policy and who hasn’t.

Main Page


The Intranet has a visually appealing and easy to use employee directory that makes it easy to find out contact information as well as intranet activity such as blogs posted, documents posted, teams they are members of, etc. by simply clicking on their name.

Employee Directory


From any page you can access useful menu items such as department pages, quick links, tools, etc. this makes navigating the Intranet easy from any page that you happen to be on.

Quick Links 



The tools menu gives quick access to a wide variety of work tools used to access a parcel viewer, look up City financial accounts, or submit an absence request or a timesheet.



With the Intranet as a tool users can keep up to date on everything going on in Rancho Cordova as well as the state and nation by looking at the news feeds page. Here RSS feeds are displayed for easy viewing. Feeds from local and national newspapers are displayed as well as from government and financial news sites.




The intranet facilitates matrix teams by creating contact groups to make communications in the group easy and efficient.




The intranet is also a social page where people can find out about local restaurants, view menus, see available services and read reviews posted by other City Employees.



By having department pages posted on the Intranet important department specific documents and resources are made available all at a single location. For example users can find the Human Resources Manual or Benefits information from the Human Resources page. Or users can find reimbursement forms or petty cash request forms from the Finance page. The IT page offers tutorials on how to use office equipment as well as information about how to keep our data safe. This has made it possible to free these documents and information from our server. It has created a central place for documents and forms so users don’t have to go to various departments to find the forms. Also, it frees staff time from having to respond to common requests for information and documents.

 Department Pages



The Intranet hosts a robust set of features and data


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