Code Enforcement

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The City of Rancho Cordova Code Enforcement Division enforces a broad range of public health and safety regulations including housing, zoning, health, environmental, public nuisance, and other safety codes that are designed to maintain a healthy, safe and clean environment, carry out land use policy, and preserve the quality of life standards that residents and businesses enjoy in our community.

Our neighborhoods are the environment in which we live and raise our families. Blight and nuisances can devalue, detract, and degrade the quality of any neighborhood. Recognizing the importance of protecting the home environment, the City has adopted codes that govern the use and maintenance of private property.

A sample of typical activity that code enforcement investigates is listed below:

Inoperable Vehicles Junk and Rubbish Major Auto Repair
Inoperable Vehicle Junk and rubbish in a yard Major Auto Repair
  • Inoperable/Unregistered Vehicles
  • Substandard rental housing
  • Building without permits
  • Vacant building monitoring
  • Major automotive repair
  • Abandoned shopping carts
  • Illegal signs
  • Junk and rubbish
  • Unsafe buildings
  • Zoning Code Compliance

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote and maintain a safe and desirable living and working environment. By working  closely with all City departments, residential and commercial communities.  We strive to create stronger neighborhoods to jointly resolve health, safety, and public nuisance problems that may adversely affect the quality of life for citizens of Rancho Cordova. The Division focuses on public education as the primary measure to gain voluntary compliance with the City of Rancho Cordova Municipal Code and steers abatement measures through coordinated and cooperative measures.

Our Staff

RCNC Staff

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Our Office Hours & Location

You can visit us between the hours of 8am-5pm Monday through Friday. We are located in the Rancho Cordova Neighborhood Services Center, 2880 Gold Tailings Ct., Rancho Cordova, CA 95670.

Phone: 916-851-8770

Fax: 916-851-8778

*Note: Individual inspectors may infrequently work during weekend hours