Arboretum-Waegell Specific Plan

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The Arboretum-Waegell Specific Plan area in enclosed by Sunrise Boulevard to the west, Jackson Highway to the south, Kiefer Boulevard, and Grant Line Road to the east.

The proposed specific plan consists of 1,349 gross acres that will provide a diversity of housing types, retail and commercial opportunities, and public uses. The completed project will provide 5,037 dwelling units, at an average density of approximately 8 units per acre. It will also include 48 acres of retail and village commercial uses. The project will also supplement the public facilities of the City through the designation of a joint junior high and high school site. Vibrant natural preserve areas will also define the project. It will consist of approximately 450 acres of stream corridor, reservoir, and vernal pool reserves. The project will greatly enhance the character of the City, and serve to further define its identity as a vibrant place that supports a healthy lifestyle.

The developer and project applicant, Sam Miller of Lewis Communities, is currently working on finishing the Specific Plan. The City is reviewing the Specific Plan and tentatively planning on completing the Environmental Impact Report for the project by the end of 2009.  Project completion will occur in 2009 and 2010.

Any questions or comments can be sent to June Cowles at, who will direct inquiries to the appropriate staff member.


Arboretum-Waegell Specific Plan Land Use Map

Arboretum Land Use Map