Westborough Specific Plan

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The Westborough Specific Plan area is located south of the US-50, north of White Rock Road, and encompasses Rancho Cordova Parkway.

The property owner and project applicant, GenCorp, is in the initial stages of creating the Westborough Specific Plan. The City is working with GenCorp and reviewing the Specific Plan document that will guide the future development of the property. It is expected that a draft of the Specific Plan could be completed in early 2009. While reviewing the Specific Plan, the City is preparing a CEQA document for the project, an Environmental Impact Report for the project, which will assess any significant environmental effects the project proposes, as well as offer alternatives to minimize potential environmental damage.

The Rancho Cordova General Plan calls for a total project area of 1,695 acres. It will offer a diversity of uses, including residential development, a new regional town center, village centers, parks and open space, a high school, and an opportunity for commercial and mixed-use development. The Folsom South Canal runs through the project site, offering a potential amenity, and the General Plan calls for its integration with bicycle trails, pedestrian paths, running trails, and commercial paseos. The General Plan establishes a target development for the project of 6,078 dwelling units, a total population of 15,714, and projected employment of 5,521.

As additional information on the project becomes available, it will be posted here. Any questions or comments can be sent to June Cowles at jcowles@cityofranchocordova.org, who will direct inquiries to the appropriate staff member.