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Every year, the City of Rancho Cordova's Public Works Department completes a number of construction projects in our community. These projects beautify Rancho Cordova and ensure the City has walkable, connected neighborhoods and safe routes for residents, bikers, and drivers. Tour our online Projects in Your Community tour or Public Works Achievement tour to see projects that are under construction, ongoing, completed, and planned.

Senate Bill 743

Senate Bill 743 – Vehicle Miles Traveled CEQA Analysis Guidelines – Adoption Proposed for June 15th, 2020
Senate Bill 743 (SB 743) requires that when California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) traffic analysis is necessary, the focus shall change from measuring impact to drivers through level of service and delay, to measuring the impact of vehicle miles traveled associated with a proposed project. 
To comply with the requirements of SB 743, the City should adopt policies and guidelines including thresholds of significance and screening criteria for vehicle miles traveled by July 1st, 2020. Both related to estimated vehicle miles traveled associated with a project. The City is committed to finding the right balance which complies with CEQA requirements while providing maximum flexibility for future development. 
Staff presented an informational item to City Council on June 1st that included a summary of screening criteria and thresholds. Based on feedback from the Council those criteria have been incorporated into the attached guidelines. Staff is scheduled to return to Council for formal consideration and adoption of the guidelines on June 15th.
We would appreciate your review of the attached document. Please contact the project manager, Rupa Somavarapu, at (916) 851-8712 with any questions or comments.

Current Projects 

Zinfandel Complex

Highway 50 and Zinfandel Drive Interchange Improvements

Construction on Highway 50 and Zinfandel Drive Interchange Improvements is underway. The project will add an additional lane on Zinfandel Drive over Highway 50, modify the highway entrance and exit ramps, add bicycle lanes and modify traffic signals. This project is designed to improve operations, alleviate congestion and provide safer routes for drivers, bikers and pedestrians on Zinfandel Drive from White Rock Road to Olson Drive, referred to as the Zinfandel Complex. Click here for a project map.

The project is anticipated to be completed by Summer 2020, weather permitting. Project construction will take place Monday-Friday between 8 AM-5 PM, and night work will be incorporated. 

Please expect traffic delays during construction, drive, bike and walk with caution, and reduce speeds in construction areas. Detours will be in place during the night work portion of the project.

If you have any questions, please contact Edgar Medina at (916) 851-8907 or  

Folsom Boulevard Beautification and Enhancement Project Phase V 

The final phase of the Folsom Boulevard Beautification and Enhancement Project, Phase V, is underway. This phase will provide improved aesthetics and safety features along Folsom Boulevard from Bradshaw Road to Horn Road and Kilgore Road to Sunrise Boulevard. Enhancements will include new streetlights, landscaped medians, sidewalks and drainage facilities. Click here for a project map

Project construction will take place Monday-Friday. Please expect minor traffic delays and lane closures. Please drive with caution and reduce speeds in construction areas.

If you have any questions, please contact Edgar Medina (916) 851-8907 or

Sunrise Boulevard Rehabilitation Project

Sunrise Boulevard between Folsom Boulevard and White Rock Road has been identified as a high priority road rehabilitation project and the project is currently underway. The purpose of the Sunrise Boulevard Rehabilitation Project is to renovate the pavement along Sunrise Boulevard between Folsom Boulevard and White Rock Road.

This project includes the design, environmental, right-of-way services and construction of a share use path along the east side of Sunrise Boulevard from the Folsom South Canal Trail to Citrus Road, then bike lanes along Citrus Road to the entrance of the Sunrise Light Rail Station off of Trade Center Drive. The project improvements include resurfacing the roadway, rehabilitating landscaping, improving ADA access, shared use paths, bike lanes, striping and traffic signal modifications.

The proposed project is designed to continue to improve transportation, accessibility and safety for drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians in the area. Construction is anticipated to be completed in Fall 2020. Click here for a project map

If you have any questions, please contact Edgar Medina (916) 851-8907 or

Safe Routes to School Project

The City of Rancho Cordova will soon begin construction in the Cordova Gardens neighborhood for a Safe Routes to School project. This project will install new curbs, gutters and sidewalks, as well as traffic calming measures and high visibility crosswalks, providing continuous safe pedestrian access to nearby schools, shopping plazas, and light rail stations. Project construction will begin on Monday, February 3, 2020 and is anticipated to be completed by Summer 2020. Click here for a project map

If you have any questions, please contact Ben Chan at (916) 851-8873 or

Olson Drive and Zinfandel Drive Corridor Study

The City of Rancho Cordova has completed a study to further enhance the Olson Drive and Zinfandel Drive corridor between White Rock Road and Folsom Boulevard. The purpose of the Olson Drive and Zinfandel Drive Corridor Study is to provide recommendations for transportation, accessibility and safety improvements for drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians in the area. Public meetings for this study were held on June 20, 2019 and October 17, 2019, and online surveys were conducted and were closed on November 25, 2019. 

Click here for a study map

Click here to view the final study.

For more information, call (916) 851-8710.

Hazel Avenue/US 50 Interchange Project

The County of Sacramento in cooperation with Caltrans proposes to modify the existing Hazel Avenue/US 50 interchange, and extend and grade-separate Hazel Avenue over Folsom Boulevard. Hazel Avenue will be extended south to a proposed intersection with the future Atlanta Street (a new roadway that will be constructed as part of the Easton Place development). The project includes several other improvements, including roadway and pedestrian improvements along approximately 2,300 feet of Folsom Boulevard. A public informational  meeting on the project will occur on March 9, 2020 from 6 PM - 7 PM at Sacramento County Department of Transportation Offices at 4111 Branch Center Road, Sacramento, CA 95827. Learn more about the project at

Construction Update

Chrysanthy Road and Rancho Cordova Parkway are now open to traffic. New traffic signals at the intersections of Douglas Road at Rancho Cordova Parkway, Timberland Drive and Borderlands Drive are on flash until mid-next week while crews complete lane striping and electrical improvements. The signal at Americanos Boulevard will remain on flash for a few more weeks while final improvements are completed. We appreciate your patience while final work is completed. Please contact Tameem Samimi at (916) 851-8905 for more information.

Safe Routes to School Master Plan

During the development of the City of Rancho Cordova’s Pedestrian Master Plan (adopted 2011) and the Bicycle Master Plan (adopted 2016), City staff worked with school administrators to identify concerns and opportunities to access Rancho Cordova’s school sites. In general, school administrators were looking for more visible pedestrian crossings of streets adjacent to schools, along with signing that alerts drivers to student activity.  The information identified led to the need for a Safe Routes to School (SRTS) Master Plan, focused specifically on access to and from schools in Rancho Cordova.
The development of the SRTS Master Plan was performed through interaction with appropriate stakeholders from the City, school districts, students, parents, and community members to identify infrastructure and program improvements needed to provide a safe and connected network that will promote walking and bicycling to schools. The SRTS Master Plan will assist the City in planning and prioritizing needed infrastructure improvements and enables staff to apply for competitive future grant funds. The finalized plan was adopted at the May 18, 2020 City Council meeting. Click here to see the final Rancho Cordova Safe Routes to School Master Plan. 
For additional information, please contact Byron Tang at or at 916.851.8906.

Cordova Creek to Trail Feasibility Study

The City of Rancho Cordova has completed the Cordova Creek to Trail Feasibility study, which sought to determine whether to build a new two-mile bicycle and pedestrian trail along Cordova Creek from the American River Parkway to the area near Ahlstrom Park. As detailed in the Feasibility Study, the proposed project will not move forward at this time.

The City hosted two public workshops, conducted multiple surveys, and provided opportunities for feedback through the City's website about the proposed project, and our community has provided valuable input. The final Cordova Creek to Trail Feasibility Study is available for viewing and can be accessed hereLearn More

Rancho Cordova Parkway/Highway 50 Interchange Project

The City of Rancho Cordova has initiated a project that will construct a new Highway 50 interchange half way between the Sunrise Boulevard Interchange and the Hazel Avenue Interchange. This project is among several transportation projects that will serve new growth South of Highway 50. The City of Rancho Cordova, with our partners Sacramento County and the California Department of Transportation have identified a set of transportation improvements that will ensure safe and efficient transportation service in the years to come. The following web site provides a link to the Interchange Project web site.

For additional information, please contact Rupa Somavarapu, Senior Engineer at 851-8712 or via email at

Capital SouthEast Connector Project

The Capital SouthEast Connector Project is a 34-mile expressway through the southern area of Sacramento County into El Dorado County. The expressway would connect Interstate 5 to Highway 50 by enabling drivers to bypass downtown Sacramento. The project is being managed by the Capital SouthEast Connector Joint Powers Authority (JPA) and includes the cities of Rancho Cordova, Elk Grove, and Folsom, and El Dorado and Sacramento Counties.

A portion of the expressway is proposed in the City of Rancho Cordova from Grant Line Road and Highway 16 (Jackson Highway) to Grant Line Road and White Rock Road. Click here to view a map. The project will continue to improve transportation for Rancho Cordova residents. Visit for more information.

The Environmental Document for the City portion of the project is available for a 30-day public review and comment period through May 1, 2017 at www.connectorjpa.netClick here to learn more. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Rupa Somavarapu at (916) 851-8712 or


ADA Transition Plan

The City of Rancho Cordova adopted a ADA Transition Plan on May 2, 2005. The main purpose of this plan is to develop policies and practices for implementing physical pedestrian improvements within the public right-of-way of the City of Rancho Cordova. The goal is to optimize the pedestrian experience, to provide safe and usable pedestrian facilities for all pedestrians, and to assure compliance with all federal, state and local regulations and standards.

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and subsequent interpretations by the Department of Justice require municipalities such as the City of Rancho Cordova to prepare a plan detailing how they will make their streets and roads accessible to disabled individuals. In addition, the plan is addressing California Title 24 requirements. The plan identifies and prioritizes disabled access projects, estimate project costs, highlight and implementation schedule and funding strategy, and grievance and monitoring programs.

For additional information, please contact Public Works Director Albert Stricker at (916) 851-8713 or by email.

Capital Improvement Plan

The 2019-20 through 2023-24 Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) represents the FY19/20 and FY20/21 Capital Improvement Budget and a three-year plan for FY21/22 – FY23/24. The CIP provides program summary information for the City’s various capital improvement funding programs, as well as project summary information (budget, expenditures, and schedule) for the specific projects selected for implementation during the CIP period.

Approved Five Year Capital Improvement Plan:

For additional information, contact Charlie Colato at (916) 851-8896 or

Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plans

The City of Rancho Cordova has completed the Draft Final Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plans. These plans will help promote safe and desirable non-motorized travel for residents and workers and to provide good connections across Highway 50 and to regional trails systems like the American River Parkway Trail. The Final Master Plans were presented to the Rancho Cordova City Council for approval on March 21, 2011.

For additional information, please contact Rupa Somavarapu at (916) 851-8712 or

Mobility Master Plan (previously called Transit Master Plan)

The City of Rancho Cordova created a Transit Master Plan in 2006 and updated it in 2019 to reflect the new technology options available for transportation currently and possibly in the future. The updated Mobility Master Plan will set the framework for future citywide mobility service and mobility options. This plan will provide a vision for automobile travel and new mobility options, such as Lyft and Uber, bike/scooter share on-demand micro transit, etc., in addition to transit for residents and workers, both within the City and in surrounding areas. Service concepts will be geared toward connecting neighborhoods and business opportunities and will be closely coordinated with the Sacramento Regional Transit District’s Gold Line service and other RT bus service, providing smooth and timely connections and provide options for  the first mile and last mile.

For additional information, please contact Rupa Somavarapu at (916) 851-8712 or