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The City of Rancho Cordova is currently not providing sandbags to residents.

As needed, the City will provide sandbags to residents in the southeast corner of Lowe's Home Improvement located at 3251 Zinfandel Dr. 

A limited number of pre-filled bags are typically available, in addition to sand and empty bags (self-serve). Please take only what you need, as supplies are limited.

Sandbags are available for pick-up during regular business hours (8am - 5pm).

After 5pm, you have the option of purchasing pre-filled sandbags from Lowe's or Home Depot. It is recommended that you call these businesses prior to your visit to ensure supplies are available.


Tips for filling sandbags:

  • Filling sandbags is easier with 2 or more people. One person holds the bag. The other shovels sand into the bag.
  • Bags should be filled to no more than one-half of their capacity. This keeps the bag from getting too heavy, and permits the bags to be stacked with a good seal.
  • Sandbag placement - Remove any debris from the area where the bags are to be placed. Fold the open end of the unfilled portion of the bag to form a triangle. Place the partially filled bags lengthwise and parallel to the direction of flow, with the open end facing against the water flow. Tuck the flaps under, keeping the unfilled portion under the weight of the sack.
  • Place succeeding bags on top, offsetting by one-half (1/2) filled length of the previous bag, and stamp into place to eliminate voids, and form a tight seal. Stagger the joint connections when multiple layers are necessary.