Sidewalk, Curb & Gutter Maintenance

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The Curb, Gutter, and Sidewalk program has two facets: Permanent replacement and temporary repair. Priority is based on such factors as severity of damage, the amount of pedestrian traffic, and proximity to schools, parks, bus stops and hospitals.

Defective residential curb, gutter, and sidewalk are prioritized by a computerized rating system. Areas with sidewalks that have the highest numerical rating are inspected for any additional work that may not have been reported and defective sidewalks in the immediate neighborhood are then included in the contract for replacement.

A “temporary sidewalk repair” is a ramp of asphalt placed on the defective sidewalk to eliminate a trip hazard. All sidewalks within the City right-of-way are eligible for temporary repairs whenever qualifying conditions are met.

California State Streets and Highways code section 5610 states that the property owner, not the City, is responsible for maintaining the sidewalk in front of their property. The City of Rancho Cordova has elected to repair curb, gutter and sidewalk for our residents in front of residential homes at no cost to the property owner as a service to our residents. Commercial developments, apartment complexes, and schools are responsible for maintaining their sidewalks.

The City currently has an extensive list of locations that are waiting to be repaired. The City has an annual sidewalk maintenance project to repair the locations in order of necessity. Please contact Ben Chan at (916) 851-8873 or at if you would like your sidewalk repaired.