Stormwater Quality Program

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Stone Creek

Business Hours:

Call (916) 851-8710 Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm

For after-hours/emergency flood response, call (916) 851-8700.

 "Only Rain Down the Drain"

The City of Rancho Cordova lies next door to the American River and is home to various creeks and channels, some of which flow directly to the river. These waterways include Laguna Creek, Morrison Creek, Buffalo Creek, Cordova Creek, and various unnamed tributaries. In an effort to keep these waterways healthy and vibrant, the City administers the Stormwater Quality Program to prevent pollutants from entering the drainage system. Water and other substances that enter a storm drain are not treated. To address this issue, the City works with Sacramento County and other surrounding jurisdictions to monitor and reduce pollution. These stakeholders are referred to as the Sacramento Stormwater Quality Partnership. To learn more about the Partnership, click here.

Report Problems

To report problems such as clogged storm drains, flooding during a storm, or trash left in creeks (e.g. shopping carts and tires), please call (916) 851-8710 Mon-Fri 8am-5pm. For after-hours/emergency response, call (916) 851-8700.

Stormwater Utility Fee

Stormwater services provided by the City are funded by the Stormwater Utility Fee that residents and businesses pay into. Customers' bi-monthly utility bills include a Stormwater Utility charge for drainage and flood control services. For more information on the Stormwater Utility Fee and rates, refer to Chapter 15.10 of the Rancho Cordova Municipal Code.

Prohibited Discharges to Storm Drains

Water and pollutants that enter storm drains flow through a system of underground pipes, which outfall into creeks, canals, and the American River. Please be mindful that anything other than rain water entering storm drains may affect water quality and consequently plant and animal habitats. Common examples of pollutants that end up in storm drains include soapy water, muddy water, concrete, paint, raw sewage, and chlorinated water drained from swimming pools. To view a list of prohibited discharges and exceptions, refer to Chapter 15.12.100 and 15.12.110 of the Rancho Cordova Municipal Code.

If you witness a potential stormwater violation, please contact the Public Works Department to investigate at (916) 851-8710.

Municipal Stormwater Permit (MS4)

In 2002, the Sacramento Stormwater Quality Partnership was issued a stormwater permit. This permit is called the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Municipal Stormwater Permit (MS4). The permit, which gets renewed every five years, allows jurisdictions in the Partnership to administer their stormwater programs, conduct inspections, and manage the maintenance and operations of the drainage system.

Rancho Cordova is committed to preserving and improving water quality in our creeks and the American River. In compliance with the state-mandated stormwater permit, the City manages the following ongoing activities:

  • Compliance and reporting consistent with the permit
  • Collaboration with the other permittees in the Sacramento Stormwater Quality Partnership
  • Execution of multi-year permits and agreements for creek/canal maintenance with various state and federal agencies that enforce environmental compliance
  • MS4 (stormwater) inspections and construction compliance
  • Public outreach to inform the community of effective water conservation and water pollution mitigation strategies

New Development

The Sacramento Stormwater Quality Partnership's New Development program addresses post-construction stormwater quantity and quality from new development and redevelopment projects. The Stormwater Quality Design Manual for Sacramento and South Placer Regions provides locally-adapted information for design and selection of three categories of stormwater quality control measures: source control, runoff reduction and treatment control.

For development projects installing stormwater quality treatment measures from the design manual, verification of maintenance is required. The City of Rancho Cordova requires execution of a maintenance covenant with the property owner, which is recorded with the property deed and follows property ownership. Such maintenance agreements require reconstruction or replacement of the feature when it fails to function properly. Please contact Marilyn Phelps at (916) 851-8719 with questions.

Creek Week

Looking to get involved in your community? The City participates in the annual community-wide creek cleanup events during Creek Week. Stay tuned for volunteer opportunities to help clear trash and debris in and around local creeks during the 2020 Creek Week events. Please contact Margarita Dronov at (916) 851-8897 or for more information.