Growing Strong Neighborhoods

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National Night Out Growing Strong Neighborhoods Cleanup Project

Growing Strong Neighborhoods (GSN) is an initiative launched in 2007 that has changed the face of our City. The mission statement reads, “Through education, enforcement, and investment in the City’s neighborhoods, residents would realize the image of the incorporation they envisioned, enhance their expectations of their community, and transform their neighborhoods into safer, cleaner and healthier environments.”

Who is involved?

A GSN Cabinet was created to support the goals of the initiative and meets once a month. The Cabinet members include:

  • Council Member David Sander
  • Council Member Robert J. McGarvey
  • Representatives from all City departments (City Attorney, City Manager, Community Development, Economic Development, GIS, Housing, Neighborhood Services, PIO, Public Works)
  • Rancho Cordova Police Department
  • Sacramento County Probation Department
  • Folsom Cordova Community Partnership
  • Folsom Cordova Unified School District
  • Sacramento City Unified School District

Why does it matter?

Rancho Cordova incorporated as a City in July 2003 for one primary reason: to gain local control. We had key issues to address including bad regional image, deteriorating retail environment, old infrastructure, significant wealth gap, continuing economic loss, and unattractive neighborhoods.

We want our residents to believe in the positive future of Rancho Cordova! People decide where to call home based on the following:

  • Crime – Do I feel safe here?
  • Schools – Are there good schools here? Test scores?
  • Poverty/Economics – Do I feel comfortable here, with my income level and economic opportunities? Does this place have the services/stores I need?
  • Housing Quality – Is this home up to my standards? Is the neighborhood nice enough?
  • Growth – Is this community growing and healthy or is it dying? New homes? New investment?
  • Transportation Accessibility – What is my commute? Can I easily get around?
  • Aesthetics & Recreation – What amenities?

Learn about the principles of the program, and how we measure success.

Get involved in building stronger neighborhoods in Rancho Cordova

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Learn what Growing Strong Neighborhoods is and why it matters to our community in this presentation by Mayor David Sander. View the video below or on the City's YouTube page, and click here to download the presentation.

To find out more or get involved in the GSN effort, please contact Curt Haven, Director of Economic Development and Neighborhood Services, at (916) 851-8781.