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The City of Rancho Cordova Growing Strong Neighborhoods Cabinet has launched a new comprehensive graffiti plan that leverages the City’s efforts to remove graffiti with public assistance.

Since 2009, the City of Rancho Cordova spent more than $110,000 responding to graffiti vandalism. This includes more than 1,300 maintenance staff hours to clean and/or paint over graffiti on public property and 480+ code enforcement cases in which owners are asked to abate graffiti on private property.

This plan calls for a three-pronged approach to combat graffiti in Rancho Cordova:

1. Education;

2. Eradication; and

3. Enforcement.

Each section of this plan identifies what these three prongs mean, in the context of a citywide effort to combat graffiti, how community residents can eradicate and prevent graffiti on their properties, and how the City is able to enforce our municipal code against graffiti vandals.