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City's Leadership Style Attracts Pilot Probation Project

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From the Fall 2011 City Views Newsletter

The City’s Growing Strong Neighborhoods efforts at targeting trouble spots in the community got a big boost when the City welcomed two Sacramento County Deputy Probation Officers who are specially assigned to work in Rancho Cordova for a year. Derek Casebeer and Matt Mitchell are located with Neighborhood Services staff at 2880 Gold Tailings Court.

The two Probation Officers work alongside staff from the City’s Code Enforcement and Building and Safety Divisions and the Rancho Cordova Police Department, as well as the Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District to target trouble spots in Rancho Cordova.

How do the Probation Officers fit in?

Probation Officers are authorized by law to enforce conditions of probation for any person on probation as well as to assist other law enforcement agencies.

Why do we get this special attention?

The concept for the Probation Officer pilot project was brought to Rancho Cordova because of our leadership style—it does not mean that we have an unusually high number of probationers. Rancho Cordova leadership is known in the region for “thinking outside the box” and the Sacramento County Probation Department has been nationally recognized for using forward-thinking, evidence-based practices that help change behaviors from illegal and destructive to law-abiding and positive.

The Probation Department’s goals are offender competency and accountability, victim restoration, and community protection. These goals are achieved through a balanced justice model and Probation Officers trained in evidence based practices. One example is when high risk offenders are referred to cognitive behavior programs which, if done correctly, are proven to reduce the chances that the offender will continue to break the law. By achieving the Probation Department’s goals in conjunction with the City of Rancho Cordova, our community will be an even safer place to live.

How will Rancho Cordova benefit?

The collaboration began in March 2011 and in the first three months, the Probation Officers conducted 48 probation searches, participated in 42 arrests, referred 11 probationers for services, and collected $3023.60 in restitution. Through this relationship, we have had access to additional resources and approached many safety issues in a holistic manner, addressing key Citywide goals for a safe and livable community.

The purpose of Growing Strong Neighborhoods is for the City to work collaboratively with neighborhoods in setting higher expectations and standards of community living. By joining forces in a comprehensive way, the City is encouraging residents and business owners to enhance their properties, streets, and community and is educating and enforcing vital health and safety issues.